Grinding ElectroSpindles


The grinding electrospindles can be different depending on the use for which they are intended.

Many processing techniques, in recent years, have been perfected thanks to the use of cutting-edge components.


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Main Info for Grinding ElectroSpindles

To choose the most suitable grinding electrospindle, it is necessary to clearly identify the production sector for which it is intended and the type of production to be obtained.

Typically the electrospindles are divided into internal and external electrospindles.

In Ima Tecno we design and manufacture grinding electrospindles based on specific production needs.

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Types of Grinding ElectroSpindles

To complete the range of grinding electrospindles, Ima Tecno offers different types of diamond electrospindles for dressing and / or wheel profiling operations.

In Ima Tecno we design and manufacture a wide range of grinding accessories for applications on machines equipped with a motorized RAM.

This type of grinding electrospindles have the ability to automatically change the different grinding wheels and automatically hook the relative protective casing.

Typically these grinding electrospindles are applied in combination with turning processes where the surface quality and tolerances of the finished piece require grinding.